Reasons to Book the River Grand Resort

Reasons to Book the River Grand Resort

  • 05 May 2022
Reasons to Book the River Grand Resort

Wandering all over the world, you come across the Valley of Gods. Covered by lofty snow-capped hills, it overlooks the beautiful River Beas as it flows in an arc into the gorgeous valley. As you listen to the river's tune, feel the flaky mountain air blend with the scent of apple orchards. The River Grand Resort's elegance and the spectacular view of Manali's splendour might tempt one to remain +forever.

With activities like skiing, trekking, mountain biking, and river rafting to choose from, your stay may be magical at the Best Luxury Resorts in Manali. You can also choose to relax by admiring the picture-perfect resort and its surroundings. We'll pamper you with delectable dining delicacies while you take in nature's unadulterated beauty. We try to "mix hospitality with nature" for you.

There are many reasons to make a reservation at the River Grand Resort. Some are provided as follows: 


Dwell in our coffee shop to enjoy the taste of freshly brewed coffee beans amid the beauty of panoramic mountain views.

If you're with your loved ones, you can have long coffee conversations. When you're with your buddies, it's all about talking about your future goals over a warm cup of coffee. You shall book a room at The River Grand Resort, which is regarded as one of the Top 5 Resorts in Manali, to enjoy the warmth of our hospitality despite the chilly weather.

Food Aficionado 

We offer the right combination of luxury and comfort cuisines for all the foodies and food bloggers who want to capture their meal on the screen before digging in. The River Grand Resort at Manali's Fine Dining Resorts believes that the best cuisine is matched with the best laughs. 

Our culinary professionals at Earth and Planet, our multi-food restaurant, serve the best vegetarian cuisine to entice the gourmet in you, ensuring that your journey is as enjoyable as possible. The transition to a vegetarian diet will be the most advantageous to human health and well-being.

Smart Location

The River Grand Resort is conveniently located in Manali. This means you won't have to travel for hours to go to your favourite tourist attractions. In a short period of time, you will be able to access significant locations. On a vacation, the spot of the resort is crucial.

Absolute Luxury 

The River Grand Resort has luxurious accommodations. The magnificence of the rooms at the resort will capture you, from the best room decor to exquisite furnishings. If you desire to live in luxury, you should take the benefits of our Affordable Stay in Manali.

Enough Space for Parking 

At any given moment, The River Grand Resort’s parking area can easily accommodate more than 70 cars. If you live close to Manali, you may also bring your car along, because there is plenty of parking. When you rent a hotel here, you won't have to worry about finding a parking spot.

Perfect Package 

You seek all the excellent features that will help you have a nice time while choosing a resort or hotel for your vacation. The River Grand Resort provides luxurious amenities and great facilities to ensure that you have a wonderful vacation with your loved ones.

You may book a hotel at the River Grand Resort online as well. You can visit our website and pick a room that suits your needs. From the luxurious accommodations of The River Grand Resort, take in the grandeur of snowfall. 


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